Ilse Jacobsen - Tulip sko

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Sko Tulip fra Ilse Jacobsen i smidig mikrofiber-materiale med perforerte hull og mønster. Tykk såle med synlige rifler og dekorativ søm langs kanten. Logo bak på sålekanten. Myk innersåle i skinn.  Den ikoniske Tulip-sålen er ekstremt bøyelig.  Veldig myk og god sko.  Perfekt reisesko!

  • Innersåle: Skinn
  • Overdel: Tekstil
  • Yttersåle: Gummi
  • Iconic Tulip sole: Made of 75% natural rubber and 25% recycled rubber. 
  • Insole: 60% EVA and 40% pig skin. 
  • Upper: Recycled microfiber - 60% nylon, 40% PU.
  • This light weight shoe by Ilse Jacobsen is perfect for any occassion. The shoe is practical, very comfortable and has a great appearance. With its flexible outsole made of natural rubber, and upper with laser cut pattern, which makes it breathable, makes it the perfect travel shoe. The shoe is made of recycled microfiber, with matching stitching.The upper construction is made without any glue. This cool and practical shoe is an absolute musthave, and will never go out of fashion.